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Direct Submit provide 5 Star SEO services to clients across the UK. From Glasgow to London, we help businesses and brands establish a leading presence in the online world.

If you are a business located anywhere in the UK, our SEO services can help you gain exposure to your potential customers. We are a UK SEO company and we have an expert team available to help your business today.  

Get higher rankings in search results, plus more website traffic, leads, and sales with a targeted SEO strategy from our UK based SEO agency. Contact us online or call us on 0800 669 6848 to speak with one of our experts today!

Direct Submit SEO Services

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An SEO Company with Proven Results

We are a distinguished SEO agency headquartered in Newcastle & Durham, specialising in a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions tailored for clients across the North East and the wider United Kingdom. At the heart of our operations lies our unwavering commitment to search engine optimisation (SEO), recognising its unparalleled efficacy in augmenting online visibility and driving increased traffic to websites.

Our clientele encompasses enterprises spanning London,  Newcastle, Durham, Glasgow & beyond, with our client base continuously expanding through the commendations of satisfied patrons.

Professional SEO Services in the UK

From renowned UK brands to ambitious start-ups, we specialise in helping businesses thrive. Whether you need a Local SEO agency to elevate your presence or a digital marketing partner to maximize your B2B impact, our experienced team is here to deliver results.

We understand that each industry has unique challenges and opportunities. That’s why we work closely with you to identify the most effective channels for your specific needs and ensure you achieve your goals. Let’s take your business to the next level together.

Trusted Local SEO Services: Local Expertise, Transparent Service, Proven Results!
SEO Agency
SEO Agency
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A distinct advantage of being a local SEO Agency operating in Newcastle, Durham & the North East is our ability to engage directly with clients, facilitating in-depth discussions regarding their business objectives. We firmly advocate that SEO is advantageous for businesses of all sizes, transcending beyond just prominent brands.

For established businesses experiencing a shortfall in inquiries, SEO presents a viable solution. Whether inheriting ongoing SEO endeavors or initiating new campaigns, our proficiency ensures effectiveness. Success hinges upon partnering with the appropriate SEO agency.

Can I afford your Digital Marketing & SEO Services?

SEO costs vary from one SEO company to another. We like to think that we are very competitive. Don’t be afraid to call us and ask about prices. We have clients from all across the UK attracted by our very affordable SEO packages and, more importantly, because we get the job done well.

Ready to boost your online presence with our SEO services? It’s simple to get started. Just fill out our contact form, and we’ll review your website to provide an estimate for our optimisation services. Begin your journey with one of the UK’s leading SEO companies today!

Professional SEO Audits by Local Experts

Have you seen your website’s traffic fall away over recent months? Or perhaps your newly launched website is struggling to pick up visitors and you’re not sure why?

Get your Free SEO Audit today from Direct Submit and analyse your website to find critical errors and advise on adjustments required in an easy-to-understand format

The result, a detailed analysis that unveils both strengths and weaknesses, providing invaluable insights. While our audits require several hours of meticulous work, they empower you with a clear understanding of your website’s performance.

Local SEO Excellence with Proven Results

Our Free SEO Audit Service Provides Clarity on the Obstacles Preventing your Website from Ranking Well in the Search Engines.

Ready for better SEO?

Using a mixture of on-page, off-page, technical & local SEO, our SEO company will drive high-quality targeted organic traffic, increasing your leads, conversions and return on investment.

Our comprehensive, holistic SEO services ensure you can enjoy a steady stream of web traffic and consistent exposure to your target market, constantly moving with trends and algorithms to keep you on top.
If you're ready to see the impact a different SEO agency can have on your brand, let's talk!

Direct Submit SEO Services

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