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Have you seen your website’s traffic fall away over recent months? Or perhaps your newly launched website is struggling to pick up visitors and you’re not sure why? Get your Free SEO Audit today from Direct Submit and analyse your website to find critical errors and advise on adjustments required in an easy-to-understand format

Identify issues for your Business with our Free SEO Audit

Unsure why all of your hard work isn’t translating into improvements in SERP rankings? Identifying technical issues and weaknesses in your website is vital to your success, as there may be some basic errors that are preventing growth.

Use our free SEO service and see how to improve your site quality, gain new users and thrive against your competitors.

All our SEO audits are structured around a thorough, comprehensive list of checks and tests, and any issues discovered are investigated thoroughly to diagnose the source of the issue. All recommendations consider the potential resource requirements and short to long-term impact of implementation, which feeds into our prioritisation of technical fixes.

Within the audit, you will find the following:
>>> Any technical issues that need to be addressed such as page load times.
>>> Missing header information that will negatively impact your website.
>>> Any content requirements based on the search terms important for your business.
>>> Website code analysis.
>>> The current performance and social activity related to your website.

Our Free SEO Audit Provides Clarity on the Obstacles Preventing your Website from Ranking Well in the Search Engines

An SEO audit can highlight any issues that could quickly turn problematic if they’re not dealt with.
Our FREE SEO audit will pick up on anything that could be keeping you hidden in search results, and preventing you from gaining new business. Fixing these problems quickly puts you ahead of the game, and gives you the best chance of upping your traffic and winning new clients.