Knowing whether your webpages are doing everything that they can to rank well is impossible without the right metrics. Here at Direct Submit, we analyse your site on a broad range of SEO-related factors and tell you precisely what you’re doing right, and where you need to make improvements.

An SEO audit service uses sophisticated software to determine the current status of your website, your ability to rank, and whether you’re checking all the boxes. It drills down into practically every factor that could affect your Google ranking (or any other search engine) and provides helpful feedback for what to do next. It helps you avoid a situation where you’re paying hefty fees for other forms of digital marketing but aren’t doing the easy, inexpensive basics right.

Get Quantifiable Search Ranking Insight

If you run a business, ranking high in search results is a top priority. You want people to be able to find your products and services when they type relevant keywords into the search box. If your SEO isn’t up to scratch, though, you’ll struggle to generate the organic traffic you want. Instead, you’ll needlessly overspend on PPC advertising, cutting into your marketing budget and reducing the profitability of your enterprise.

The great thing about SEO audit services is that they give you peace of mind, making sure that you’re covering all bases. Hundreds of different factors determine how well your site ranks on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Knowing whether you are fulfilling each of them is practically impossible to determine without professional assistance.

It is, however, vital that you do get help. If you don’t, you could be missing out on low-hanging fruit – easy modifications to your site – that could give you a competitive edge over your competitors. You don’t want that!

What’s Included in Our SEO Audit?

Here’s what you get when you choose to get an SEO audit with Direct Submit:

Page speeds – We’ll take a look at the rate at which your pages load. Both Google and users care about page loading speeds. If your website doesn’t load fast enough, Google will downrank you and users will click back to search, reducing your opportunities to make conversions.

Crawlability – We check to make sure that search engines can find all your pages and index them. Only indexed pages will rank in search results.

Metadata analysis – Metadata comprises all of the information you give search engines about the pages on your site. Our audit tells you whether these are optimised for your targeted keywords.

URL analysis – Google and other search engines take into account your URLs when deciding on whether to forward users to your site. Our audit immediately informs you of whether you’ve chosen the right URLs for your aims.

Mobile SEO – Optimising your website for mobile is more critical than ever before, with a majority of internet users now using mobile devices, not desktop computers. Our mobile SEO audit service tells you whether search engines recognise your site as “mobile optimised” and provide you with the tools you need to improve.

Sitemaps – Websites with clear sitemaps tend to perform better in search results. With us, you get a sitemap evaluation, letting you know whether yours needs improvement.

Site content structure and keywords – The keywords and content structure that you use on your pages can have a material SEO impact. A site audit from Direct Submit provides you with all the actionable insights you need to improve these aspects of your webpages to focus them on your targeted keywords.

Remember, these are just a few of the factors that we analyse during your SEO audit. We also investigate a host of other categories and provide you with a full report.

SEO Audits from Direct Submit: What to Expect

With Direct Submit, you can get an audit of your website in a matter of minutes, giving you unprecedented insight into where you’re doing SEO right, and where you need to improve. An SEO audit is often a precursor to hiring a fully-fledged SEO service: it gives you the evidence you need to justify investing in search engine optimisation.

Direct Submit supports you every step of the way. Not only do we offer comprehensive audits, but we talk you through the findings and suggest strategies that you might want to use to improve any areas in which you’re flagging.

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