High Quality Links in 2019

Published on Thursday, May 9th, 2019 by

Defining High Quality Links in 2019
Links are a way for users to get relevant information on the internet. They are also still a key ranking factor for your web pages.

Of the 200+ known ranking factors, links share the top three spots with good quality content and RankBrain.

However, having links is not enough. Their quality matters.

Google takes into account not only the number of backlinks a web page has but their quality as well. Sadly, some SEOs, in the rush to make their sites appear popular to search engine crawlers, invest in low-quality links.

High-quality link building, however, is the only way to get desirable results.

Chasing the quickest and cheapest results, some SEOs resort to the wrong methods of generating backlinks. These are often blackhat techniques that could lead to Google penalties and destroyed reputations.

What’s surprising is that even SEO agencies employ poor link-building techniques. A 2018 study conducted by Assertive Media of 230 UK link-building agencies found that nine out 10 used unscrupulous techniques.

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