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Why Are Local Business Listings & Directory Submissions So Important?
Local business listings are the backbone to any successful local SEO strategy. With help from our professional SEO services you can establish a web presence quickly and be found through all major search engines – all without the need of a website!

A local business directory is your fast track to increasing your local web presence and reaching potential buyers in your area.

Our local listings service is an affordable way to start your local internet marketing campaigns and local advertising.

Did you know that 43% of all searches performed on Google have local intent?

That’s right 43 percent! And on mobile devices, local searches are up to 50%.

Microsoft which operates the Bing search engine stated that 53% of the searches on Bing that are done through mobile phones have local intent. Aside from highlighting the significance of local business listings it also points out that making sure your website is mobile-ready is a big deal!

Go ahead and perform a search for your business name and then try searching for your service and location example “local listing service in Durham” try this search both in Google and Bing.

Are you showing up for your business name? How about when you do a search for your service or product in your town?

Did your business or website show up? NO?

That’s the problem we fix with our local business listings service. This includes directory submissions to the most relevant business directories that apply to your industry.

Key Benefits of our Local Business Listings Package:

• Be found on all major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing)
• Important process to help Local SEO
• Your business will be listed on dozens of local business directories including Google, Bing, plus many more. All tailored toward your industry
• Directory report – Showing which directories your business is now listed in
• Cost-effective service

By allowing search engines to know that you have a solid local presence in your community, Local Listings create a strong foundation and the groundwork on which to build a complete local business internet marketing strategy and online presence.

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