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Microsoft Announces ChatGPT Capabilities

Microsoft Announces ChatGPT Capabilities Coming To Bing

Microsoft has announced that it is bringing cutting-edge AI capabilities to its Bing search engine, […]

Negative Keywords

Google Ads Rolling Out Account Level Negative Keywords

Google has announced that account-level negative keywords were now being rolled out globally. The feature […]

Yandex Ranking Search

Yandex Ranking Search Factors Leak

What is the deal with the Yandex ranking factors data leak? Learn more about what […]

Weir Insurance Brokers

Weir Insurance Brokers & Direct Submit

Weir Insurance Brokers have been looking after the insurance needs of individuals and businesses in […]

first page of Google

How to get on the first page of Google?

Our SEO Agency has the experience, tools, and hard work ethic to optimise your business […]

Your Lofts of Newcastle & Chelmsford

Exploring Your Lofts of Newcastle & Chelmsford

A new client for Direct Submit… Your Lofts (Newcastle & Chelmsford) offering a collection of […]

Content Update & Link Spam Update

Google Content Update & Link Spam Update

Google: Helpful Content Update & Link Spam Update Can Take Another Week Or Two To […]

FAQ Page for SEO

Importance of an FAQ Page for SEO

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are an important feature of your website. They serve a number […]

Google December 2022 Link Spam Update

Google December 2022 Link Spam Update

Google confirms an update to its spam detection system, called the December 2022 link spam […]

Outgoing links

Outgoing links: Are they beneficial for your site or not?

When it comes to outgoing links, there is no easy answer. On the one hand, […]

Negative SEO Attacks

How To Handle Negative SEO Attacks

Google’s John Mueller offers advice on what to do if you’re the target of a […]

Backlinks Ranking Factor

Strength Of Backlinks Ranking Factor Will Drop

Google Search Advocate John Mueller predicts the strength of backlinks as a ranking factor will […]

September 2022 core update

Google Has Released the September 2022 Core Update

Google announced on 12 Sep that it had released the September 2022 core update, the […]

Understanding Search Intent

Understanding Search Intent

Modern search algorithms are highly complex, incorporating artificial intelligence[1], the machinations of which are known […]

Commonly Held Myths Affecting SEO

Commonly Held Myths Affecting SEO

Search engine optimisation can be an incredibly powerful tool for helping to increase your website’s […]