Bing is Different from Google – Why it Matters?

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Bing is Different from Google – Why it Matters?
There are certain things that Bing does better than Google. For example, doing an image search using Bing is preferable due to the higher quality results. You can search for different layouts and see licensing information for each image without having to figure out where to look.

Bing also pioneered infinite scrolling for image search results, though it’s no longer unique. Google now offers this feature, too.

Video search is also more hassle-free with Bing, despite YouTube being a Google brand. When you search for a video on Bing, the results come up as a thumbnail grid. You can then watch the videos without leaving the SERP.

You will often find that optimising for Bing SEO is much like optimising for Google SEO. Both search engines use the BERT algorithm, which means keyword stuffing, manipulative link-building schemes, and other questionable tactics won’t work.

Why Bing Matters?

> Bing isn’t the search engine with the largest market share, but it still serves millions of users every day.
> One-third of U.S. online queries are powered by Bing, most notably in terms of voice-assisted searches.
> A Bing SEO vs Google SEO mindset is not productive, especially since both search engines use the BERT algorithm.
> Many optimisations initiatives meant for Bing also work for Google, and vice versa.

An Influential Search Engine
Bing, the second most influential search engine in the world, can be a very lucrative channel. You shouldn’t ignore opportunities for increased reach and growth. Besides, Bing SEO tips may often coincide with what you’re already doing for Google SEO.

It’s not a good idea to think of optimising your online presence in terms of Bing SEO vs. Google SEO. As we’ve touched on consistently throughout this post, Bing is more similar to Google that many realize. Their algorithms may not be the same, but with delicate balancing, it’s not difficult to come up with a strategy that satisfies both Bing and Google.

Despite the low percentage of people using Bing and Yahoo!, you’re still looking at a potential audience numbering in the millions. So well worth optimising for.

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