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What are Citations for Local SEO?

What are Citations for Local SEO?

What are Citations for Local SEO?
Citations in local SEO are mentions of your business on other websites. For example, if your business is listed on, that counts as a citation. The same goes for a blog post or online newspaper article that mentions your business.

Citations are important for local businesses since they send out signals that tell search engines they can trust your business.

Citation building is imperative for small businesses that want to be found in local searches since search engines like Google and Bing use the information they find in citations to list your business in search results.

And we’re sure you want your business to be found

To show up in local searches, you need to make sure search engines have the information they need about your business so that they can show that information to all those consumers who perform local searches.
It’s important to keep your Citations up to date.

The information about your business that is found online should be kept up to date. Keep tabs on the information that is out there and where it is listed. If anything changes, such as the business name, your address, phone number, website URL, or even your opening hours, be sure and update all of the relevant citations as soon as possible.

You are in control of your business information, and having incorrect information out there in the public domain will ultimately damage your business. Customers will mistrust your business if the information that you have listed is not correct.

Getting your local business noticed and standing out above your competitors means that you need to invest some time and effort into getting your company registered with all of the relevant business listing sites. This is something that you should take responsibility for doing, as overall it will make a long-lasting impact on your business.

Call Direct Submit today on 0845 272 2350 and we can get your local citation project moving. We provide a report outlining the citations and the directories submitted to, plus we work to ensure your citation details are kept up to date and accurate.


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