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The Importance of Starting an SEO Project in 2019

Starting an SEO Project in 2019
As 2019 comes ever closer, as business owners and webmasters, we’re all thinking about how to market our website or business even more effectively in the coming year. We’ve seen many new and emerging trends dominate the financial markets in 2018, from cryptocurrencies to artificial intelligence, but we need to capitalise on those trends that will continue to help us succeed in a competitive world. Search engine optimization has always been an essential strategy to improving a website’s traffic, and it’s one to stay.

Starting an SEO Project in 2019
In this guide, we’re going to take a look at why you should consider starting an SEO project in 2019, focusing on some new technologies to watch out for.
Why SEO?

Implementing an effective SEO strategy is crucial to maintaining a solid marketing foundation; by implementing the correct techniques, your website will gain credibility and trust with Google and other search engines. This trust will ensure your website will rank highly for competitive keywords, leading to an increase in traffic and sales, ultimately ensuring optimal growth in your consumer base for 2019.

This means that once you have implemented your SEO project, and laid the foundations to a successful one, then the real majority of the work has been done, and all that’s left to do is to wait until your page starts ranking on search results. As users start to interact with your website and share your content, Google will notice the excellent user experience and start to rank your website higher. This is without you doing any other work, once the initial SEO project has been completed.

If we compare this to social media marketing and other forms of traditional marketing, they require a constant source of time and money, whereas with SEO, the benefits are long-lasting and will continue to reward content creators and webmasters who create high-quality content.

Increase Traffic for the Long-Term
SEO can often be the deciding factor between the success and failure of a website. If a website doesn’t target the correct keywords or implement little to no SEO strategies at all, their pages will rank poorly on Google, leading to very poor traffic. Most websites report receiving the majority of their traffic from search engines, with only a small minority report receiving more traffic from social media. While social media marketing can bring traffic, this traffic is often short-lived, as the next news cycle or hit viral video takes over the feeds of users.

We’ve all witnessed marketing campaigns that were incredibly successful in the short-term, but as soon as the campaign ended, the traffic began to dwindle, and dramatically so.

This is due to the nature of the marketing campaigns. Investing in having a social media influencer promote your website or business can be important and lead to fantastic click-through-rates and traffic, but this traffic is short-lived, similarly to the social media news cycle.

Therefore, SEO is essential help your website become successful, because by investing in SEO, you are investing in a long-term strategy, which will lead to traffic reaching your website continually.

You can then invest in other short-term marketing techniques, since you’ll always have a new supply of traffic arriving at your website every day.
With this traffic, you can further optimize your site by doing A/B testing, placing Call-to-Actions in your pages, and increasing lead generation. This can only be practiced in the long-term by ensuring that search engine traffic reaches your website.

That’s why maintaining an excellent ranking on Google can ensure a constant supply of traffic. If you have “evergreen” content, that is, content that stays relevant throughout the year and is not solely seasonal, then you can ensure that traffic will always arrive upon your website regardless.

Establish Trust with Google
Gaining the trust of major search engines, such as Google, can be incredibly beneficial to your website’s online presence. While it can take several months, even a few years at times, for search engines to establish trust with a website, the trust built can be incredibly important for the website’s future endeavours in the marketing world.

Trust is often built by ensuring users have an excellent experience on-site, aren’t distracted by popups, and generally don’t exit quickly upon arriving (this will affect your website’s bounce rate). This done through creating high quality, engaging content and having a mobile-responsive, well-designed website that offers an excellent user experience.

Low quality websites that offer users a poor user experience will never build trust with search engines, and can never rank well in search results, therefore their websites will remain with poor visibility and have little growth.

But why build trust in the first place?

If you want your website to rank highly in search results, then building trust with search engines is an incredible bonus. Your site will often rank highly even without much backlinking efforts on your and your marketing team’s part, because this trust has been built over several months and years.

Become an Online Influencer
If your website gains the trust of search engines, then other competitors are more likely to notice your website and may want to form partnerships, where you both produce vlogs or content related to your niche and promote the others’ content; this can be a fantastic source of extra traffic, and new customers.

While guest posting is strictly not recommended these days, other websites would be more than happy to drop a link to one of your articles in their social media posts. This partnership can be extremely beneficial to the livelihood of your website, and can bring customers from other domains too.

With the rise of social media and other forms of marketing, it can be tempting to forgo starting an SEO project, but for long-term traffic and success, SEO is crucial to achieving those.

Here at Direct Submit SEO Services, we focus on helping websites kickstart SEO projects and focus on strategies that will help their website gain the trust of search engines. Make sure to contact us today via our website or call 0845 272 2350 if you’d like to learn more.


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