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Targeting Keywords with Low Search Volume

Targeting Keywords with Low Search Volume

Targeting Keywords with Low Search Volume
Are low volume keywords a waste of time? Here’s why you may want to target under 100 volume keywords to generate targeted traffic and more leads for your website.

The ultimate goldmine for an SEO expert is finding a high-volume, high-converting, low-competition keyword. What could be better than an influx of organic traffic that’s itching to buy what you have to offer?

These keywords tend to be the “sweet spot” – a high number of searches with low competition – so they’re often the priority when SEOs conduct their keyword research.

Because of this, low volume keywords (those below 250 searches per month) often get overlooked. But could SEOs be missing out on organic traffic and leads by disregarding low volume keywords?

This guide uncovers the high value that could be hiding behind these low search volume terms (and how to incorporate them into your SEO strategy).

The value of Targeting Keywords with Low Search Volume
Low volume keywords often give you a unique opportunity to target terms that are highly relevant to your audience – ones that your competitors aren’t likely targeting at all.

While you may not see an influx of thousands of new users per month, you do know that you’ll have a good chance of ranking for that term and converting that small number of users into customers.

Main Benefits of Targeting Low Volume Keywords
The value of targeting low volume keywords goes far beyond just being able to get ahead of your competitors or driving a little more traffic. Here are some other benefits of incorporating these terms into your SEO strategy:

> Super relevant – Long-tail keywords are typically low-volume keywords that are super relevant to your target audience. The more relevant the content, the more likely users are to convert.
> Build interest – Low volume keywords can give you opportunities to build interest around a small or new niche.
> Great ROI – Even the lowest volume keywords can drive conversions that offset the cost of the content itself.
> Diversity – Your content can rank for a wide variety of low-volume keywords at once, multiplying your traffic potential.
> Commercial intent – You can capitalize on those specific “buying” keywords that draw in users ready to buy your product or sign up to work with you.

Going after low volume keywords isn’t always a waste of time or money. Before you skip them altogether, go through the tips above to see whether you have some gold mine opportunities. I suggest going after the low hanging fruit, targeting many keyword variations, and adequately assessing cost vs reward. You may find some unique keywords that will pay off both in terms of traffic and conversions.


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