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SEO Powersuite Review

SEO Powersuite Review

SEO Powersuite Review
SEO Powersuite is one of the most versatile SEO tools in the market, offering four different tools that perform a variety of tasks that allow us to perform our tasks more efficiently. The software allows us to provide a diverse and comprehensive set of SEO tasks.

The suite includes tools that enable:

• rankings monitoring;
• content optimisation;
• SEO site audit;
• competition research;
• link building and management;

SEO Powersuite Review

Website Auditor
Website Auditor is an SEO Crawler or “spidering” tool which scans your site in a similar way to a search engine crawler and helps you identify potential issues or opportunities to improve your on-page optimisation. As with Rank Tracker, it makes a lot of sense having a desktop tool to do this sort of work rather than a hosted solution like you get with some other SEO software packages because it gives you near real-time results rather than waiting in a queue for your reports to run.

SEO Spyglass
SEO Spyglass’ primary function is a backlink checker. This to research the backlinks pointing to a domain, including a competitor’s domain, where you can choose the best ones and try and copy them. This is a well-used-and-abused link-building tactic which obviously still has its place in certain SEO campaigns – but we must add that this should not be the only type of link building you’re doing.

Rank Tracker
Rank Tracker in SEO Powersuite is a fully-featured keyword rank checker tool which runs on your desktop. Having a desktop tool for rank tracking makes a lot of sense because this will enable you to get your data fast. And Rank Tracker is very fast. It powers through large lists of keywords with ease and returns your results as quickly as any rank checking tool we’ve used.

Link Assistant
The purpose of this tool is to help you reach out and create backlinks. Once you add the page you want to build backlinks to, you will need to look for Prospects.

LinkAssistant allows you to choose what type of link prospects you would like to search for. Each method gives you the chance to find new backlink building opportunities.

This is the tool we use the least. It reminds us too much of the bad old days when an SEO campaign meant spending countless hours scouring the web for reciprocal link arrangements and free web directories.

Four Quality Tools in One
With this package of four quality tools, this enables us to be able to create the best and most efficient SEO strategies for our clients. It also saves us a load of time per project and helps keep track of projects progress.

The software has so many options and tools that the majority of people will be unlikely to use them all. However, even using the basics of the software will allow the majority of users to successfully plan, implement and manage a typical SEO project.

Each SEO PowerSuite app has an intuitive reporting tool with a drag-n-drop editor. You can generate professional looking reports, choose which data sections to include and in what order. You can quick-print a report (Professional version), or save it in PDF/HTML format (Enterprise version).

The reports in the Enterprise edition can be white labelled. You can remove all mentions of SEO PowerSuite, include your company logo and credentials, adjust colour schemes, add client info etc. You can upload SEO PowerSuite reports to your website or email them directly to your clients in PDF or HTML.

Besides PDF/HTML reports, the collected data can be exported “as is” in CSV, TXT, HTML, XML and SQL formats.

All the apps have an intuitive user interface and customizable workspaces, which let process and organize the data the most convenient way.

Why do we Use & Recommend this Software?
SEO PowerSuite software is a leader among SEO tools because it offers:

• all features you need to plan and execute you SEO strategy and check results
• low fixed price for unlimited data and almost immediate data checks
• unlimited projects, keywords, backlinks, crawled pages, search engines etc.
• updates whenever there’s a change in SEO techniques to help you adapt to change quickly
• You can try SEO PowerSuite right here by taking it on a free test drive. Or order your copy and start doing SEO with SEO PowerSuite straight away!

So, what do I think could be better? I do not really like the fact that you need to use 4 separate programs. For me personally, it would be convenient to work using one central program / interface, as I usually have two programs open, placing each program on half the screen on the desktop.

To view the software visit the SEO Powersuite website.


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