Importance of Digital Marketing During Lockdown

Published on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 by

Importance of Digital Marketing During Lockdown.
Lockdown has had a negative impact on many businesses all over the world, and those that have survived are needing to look for ways of reinventing themselves and rebuilding for the future. This pandemic has hit many people hard, and has also caused a lot of companies to reassess how they function, as well as what is important to them. It’s clear that remote working has played a far greater role in this pandemic than many might have expected.

Indeed, this move has also seen a huge surge in the amount of online spending that consumers are doing at the moment. Statistics suggest that two in five Brits made plans to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The pandemic has hit businesses and consumers hard in the wallet, but it has also seen a huge uptick in online business being conducted. So, as a business, it is time to take advantage of this, and look at some of the best ways of being able to run the business effectively online.

Importance of Digital Marketing During Lockdown

Remote Working is Your Friend

Remote working is your new best friend. Embrace it across the business and reap the benefits. One of the most positive things to have come out of this pandemic from a business perspective is the number of companies that have found they can survive, and even flourish, through remote working. When the pandemic hit, and the Prime Minister urged those who could to work from home, the number of Brits working exclusively from home rose to 24%. There is no doubt this is one of the best ways of being able to improve the business and the way it is able to function. Remote working allows companies to continue to run and thrive, whilst adhering to social distancing parameters as well.

You Can Cut Costs

A perk of running a business digitally over lockdown is that you can actually cut rather more costs than you might previously have thought. There are a lot of costs that business owners have to cover these days, and companies always seem to be looking for ways of reducing costs. Well, the lockdown has provided a few opportunities in this regard, and this is something that you need to keep in mind as much as possible. One of the key costs you can reduce is business overheads. If the office isn’t being used then do you really need it? Get rid of the lease and run the business remotely and you could wind up saving a lot of cash as a result.

Change Your Marketing Approach

Being able to market and promote your business as effectively as possible is one of the key things that is required for any kind of success, and this is why you need to make sure you focus on the best ways of doing this. You still need to be marketing your business throughout the lockdown process, and this is why a focus on digital marketing is so important. The importance of digital marketing during this time should not be underestimated, and it’s the perfect opportunity for companies all over the world to be able to refocus their marketing strategy. This could mean looking at improving the company website and social media profiles, as well as kicking it old school with some email marketing as well!

Value Matters

Value is really important, and you are going to need to work on doing as much as you can to provide as much value as possible to consumers. Because money is tight for a lot of people right now, it is crucial that your business tries to offer as much value as possible. Running an online business is about driving traffic to the brand and trying to secure leads and conversions as much as possible. You have to make sure you are doing as much as possible to improve value, and think about what you are being able to provide to boost your success and business profile as much as possible.

Consumers are Spending More Time Than Ever Online

There is no question that lockdown has led to an uptick in the number of people spending time online. And the upshot of this is that there has been a spike in consumer online spending at this time, something businesses can take advantage of. Indeed, the UK has seen a 102% rise in online shopping since lockdown, and this is believed to be largely to do with the number of people increasing their online supermarket shops. The growth in online shopping provides a great opportunity for business owners to capitalise and

Focus on Efficiency and Customer Service

If you want to succeed in running your business as well as possible online during lockdown, you have to alter your approach slightly to be more customer-centric. That’s not to suggest this isn’t already an important part of the process of running a modern company because invariably it is. The thing to consider here is that there is a lot more of a focus on this right now because of an increase in online activity, but also because of the changing values that people have now in the wake of coronavirus. Companies are expected to evolve and change with the times, and to update their values as much as possible to account for what consumers are now focused on. And the key focal points for this include a focus on efficiency and customer service. Your online focus needs to be on providing speedy and efficient transactions, and giving your customers better service as much as you can.

You have to do as much as you can to come up with ideas that will let you make the most of this moving forward, and help your company to grow online more effectively. This has accelerated the need for most businesses to develop some sort of digital presence, and this is really important for the future right now. You need to take your business in a positive direction, and this is something you can achieve by developing a strong online presence as much as possible.

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