Hastings Metal Finishers is based in the North East and provides electroplating and electroless nickel plating services for a wide range of industries. Founded in 1947, Hastings Metal Finishers has established an enviable reputation as a professional and accomplished metal finishing company, including Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Automotive, General and Specialist Engineering.


  • Entire website redesign in order to refresh Hastings Metal Finisher’s online presence
  • Maintain high SEO rankings whilst consolidating and updating the site’s content
  • Consolidate and simplify the sitemap and navigational structure to improve User Experience and Information Architecture

Design & Experience

As with all design-lead sites, we concentrated on how we could place the content to make it as clean and readable as possible. So we created wireframes with flexible content areas so each page layout would still look great regardless of the amount of content. As part of the planning stage, we also had to consider the placement of calls-to-action; for this we devised heatmap plans based on where calls-to-action are proven to be most effective. This strategic planning allowed the team to begin designing around key elements on each page.


With the designs approved it was time to build! We chose a WordPress platform for flexibility and scalability, allowing content writers to upload and preview their content easily before it was published by an Admin user. A more serious approach to the site was required to ensure we adhered to the strict security and privacy guidelines handed to us by Channel 4.

We built secure forms into the CMS where the data was encrypted and a branded email was fired out to the user to confirm receipt of the enquiry. One of the biggest problems JBi faced at this stage was turning an awkward and unnecessary email login into something accessible and time efficient. The old website required first time users to enter their details and wait for an email enclosing their login credentials before they could read and enjoy the site. This login email was manually processed by Admin which, as you can imagine, took up an unnecessary amount of time. So, by using cookies (yum) JBi ensured the new site requires only an email address upon arrival, to capture data for the advertisers, and the user is free to roam! No user waiting, no admin time wasting. It’s a win, win in our eyes, except now we want cookies…


We’re looking forward to seeing the results the new site gets and hoping it will establish Hastings as one of the leaders in their field.

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