What does mobile-friendly mean?

With Google’s algorithm change (April 21, 2015), having a mobile-friendly website is no longer optional. But what does that mean? In the most basic terms, mobile-friendly means that a website detects the screen size of the user and delivers the site’s content in an optimised way for that screen size. In website development and SEO circles, it was a running joke for years.

Each year (starting WAY back) as the experts made their predictions for the upcoming year, they would call the next year, “The Year of Mobile.” They predicted its stronghold on internet traffic a little early, several times. Well, it is finally here.

With internet traffic moving increasingly onto mobile devices, having a mobile plan and a mobile-friendly site is no longer a “nice to have.” To test your site’s mobile usability, use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

For more information on Google’s upcoming change, check out Understanding the Importance of Mobile Optimisation.

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