Content Marketing

Effective content marketing is an essential and integral aspect to any company’s online marketing campaign; as we approach 2020 onwards, all businesses should have a content marketing strategy in place to ensure the growth and success of their business online.

Consumers are now increasingly more likely to discover new businesses through content they read or view on the web, so building and maintaining a content marketing strategy is pivotal to increasing online traffic and lead generation.

At Direct Submit, we provide effective and targeted content marketing services for businesses who want to broaden their reach, gain new customers, and increase traffic to their website.

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The power of content marketing

While traditional advertising models still exist, statistics show that consumers are more likely to research products extensively online before purchasing them. This requires that every business should have a wealth of blog posts detailing their products or services in great depth, and also accompany these blog posts with detailed photos and/or customer reviews.

These blog posts must also be written in such a way so as to capture the right leads and target the correct keywords. At Direct Submit, we analyse all possible keywords and target those that would be the most successful to drive traffic to your business.

We help create content that ranks highly in search results, leading to continual lead generation and supply of traffic reaching your site. The art of effective content creation means writing and producing content that both engages the reader, and encourages them to learn more about your business.

Capturing your readers’ interest with your content is an essential aspect of content marketing, and ideally should lead these readers to become loyal and devoted customers in the future.

Here at Direct Submit, we have worked with countless businesses to develop effective content marketing strategies, and have tailored their strategies to the exact demographics of their target audiences.

Content Creation

We create unique, compelling copy that’s designed to engage with your audience. Our content team work with every department to create rich, SEO friendly content.

Effective Keyword Research

We research the best keywords and phrases to earn you visibility and authority. Then our content creators use that information to create compelling, quality content.

Distribution & Promotion

Great content deserves to be seen. That’s why we help you promote your content across all digital channels, distributing your amazing content through social media, blogs, SEM.

Content promotion

Content promotion couples itself well with search engine optimization, since to establish trust with search engines such as Google, having other websites backlink to your website is an important facet to building and maintaining credibility with search engines.

Once we have developed a content creation strategy, our content marketing managers will help promote your content by backlinking your posts, in order to increase your content’s traffic and visibility. These backlinks will boost search engine’s credibility in your website and also drive extra traffic to your website also.

Tailored and highly targeted campaigns

Having your website rank on page one in search engine rankings allows your business to increase its leads, customers and also expands its reach. This can only be done through the effective and strategic use of both content marketing and promotion.

Our tailored campaigns target the publications, websites, blogs and other sites your potential customer base reads, facilitating a trickle-down effect from the most respected media platforms and encouraging click-through to your own preferred landing pages.

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