Drive Leads & Conversions with Pay Per Click Services

Whether you’re a big brand or a local business, driving quality results for lower costs is what we do best. At Direct Submit AdWords Management Agency we specialise in Pay Per Click (PPC) management services to drive website traffic and generate high quality leads.

Our digital marketing team provide PPC strategy, PPC management and optimisation for companies, with Pay Per Click being a great way to improve your visibility on search engines and advertise to people looking for your product or service.

How Our PPC Service Works

The internet marketing landscape is ever-changing and to be successful in online marketing, businesses should be on top of these changes. Our PPC management services assess your individual needs and target demographics to deliver the best results possible.

Keyword Research And Analysis

To increase your online visibility, you have to be in touch with the online habits of your core audience. Thorough keyword research is crucial to gaining that understanding. We conduct keyword research, ad groups and competition research to look for opportunities and maximise your ad budget.

PPC Campaign Setup

Once we’ve gained a clear understanding of your audience and your field, we can mould the campaign to suit their respective needs. We create tailored campaigns targeted to your business based on the data we gathered during research and analysis.

Tracking And Monitoring

Campaign implementation is only half the job – the other half involves measuring its success. After launching the ads, we track conversions, analyse traffic and present reports. Find out which aspects of the campaign audiences respond to the most, and determine which areas can be improved.

Traffic And Click-Through

Click-through rates and traffic are key performance indicators in measuring the success of PPC advertising. Once we have picked the appropriate keywords to increase traffic, we drive clicks to the right landing pages with constant bid optimisation. We will help you determine the appropriate amount of clicks to help you finalise your proposed budget.

Why Pay per Click or PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. These are the ads you see at the top and bottom of Google Search Results Listings and as it says in the name, you pay for each time the ad is clicked! With PPC you can target specific geographic locations, manage keywords, manage daily spend limits and much more.

Our PPC Specialists will analyse your target market, research optimal keywords, create a results-orientated campaign & then create a selection of advertisements to optimise the campaign for the lowest price per click.

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