Digital Marketing: A Quick Guide

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Digital Marketing

Guide to Digital Marketing

The growth of the internet over the last 30 years has been nothing short of mind-blowing, and progress in the last decade or so has completely transformed the way that people shop as well as the way that businesses interact with consumers. Consequently, then, all companies must now gain a full understanding of digital marketing and how it can be implemented in a successful manner.

Whether you’re a complete novice or simply wish to revamp your approach to the digital marketing arena, here’s all you need to know.

What is Digital Marketing?

In basic terms, digital marketing is a term that essentially covers all campaigns and elements that utilise online technologies or communications to promote the business or its products. Digital marketing can extend to a range of digital channels in a bid to connect with both existing and prospective clients.

Digital marketing may be focused on lead generation and sales conversions, or it might target brand awareness and increasing the visibility among target audiences, including local SEO projects. A comprehensive strategy should achieve to do all of those things and much more.

Why Digital Marketing?

Before placing a greater focus on digital marketing strategies, it’s important to appreciate the reasons for doing so. After all, you shouldn’t simply follow the crowd without conducting the necessary levels of background research.

The truth of the matter is that digital marketing has many advantages over traditional offline strategies. Some of the biggest incentives include:

1. Allows you to reach a wider audience than offline endeavours. In fact, you could potentially achieve a global presence.

2. Can prove far cheaper per impression than offline marketing, reducing the need for high conversion rates.

3. Can be tailored so that adverts only reach people within the target market, which will lead to increased conversions.

4. Is greener as you won’t be wasting printed materials, which can also aid the brand image and reputation.

5. Digital marketing activities allow you to reach customers 24/7. If you boast an online webstore too, it’s possible to generate sales around the clock.

6. Digital marketing lasts, particularly when using organic ad campaigns rather than paid advertisements.

7. Often brings quicker results as content can be published immediately without waiting for printing and deliveries.

8. It can aid offline sales thanks to modern consumer behaviours and the fact that people are always on their mobiles.

9. This approach allows you to showcase your personality and character in a far more expressive style for greater results.
10. Digital marketing can be tracked and analysed, enabling you to make changes and ensure that your content is tailored for the best outcomes.

Digital marketing doesn’t need to completely replace your offline endeavours, and a comprehensive strategy can blend elements of both to produce truly stunning results.

What types of Digital Marketing can be used?

A comprehensive digital marketing campaign should embrace various channels and elements in order to reach the most amount of users and leave the biggest impact. 

Here are just some of the most significant aspects for your digital marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google is the most visited website by far, processing around 70,000 searches per day. Given that over 90% of all clicks are collected by websites on the first page of results (SERPS), using SEO to improve your ranking is vital. This can be done through on-site strategies, design, and backlink outreach.

Social Media Marketing

Consumers are constantly using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Crucially, they are interacting with brands through them. Through regular posts, insights, and customer interactions, those platforms can generate huge success. Better still, those sites are 100% free to use.

Content Production

Blogs, vlogs, and visual content can confirm your position as an authority in the industry while also promoting products an services in a soft approach. Even when your content doesn’t aim to gain sales, the regular interactions and thoughts of getting something for free will boost your hopes of future sales.

Email Marketing

Despite being one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, email marketing strategies are still shown to be very useful. They are quick and affordable while content is sent to existing customers and people that have shown an interest in the brand. This can be a great way to gain repeat sales.

Affiliate Marketing

Why bother trying to promote the brand when others can do it for you? Affiliate schemes are very useful because the power of recommendation has a huge impact on consumers regardless of whether the words come from friends or other online users. Testimonials are crucial for this reason too.

Other popular digital marketing strategies include PPC, Google My Business listings, online PR, inbound marketing and more.

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